Daylight saving – key publications

Making the most of daylight hours: the costs and benefits of moving an hour of daylight from the morning to the evening Policy Studies Institute, 1988

Time for change: setting clocks forward by one hour throughout the year Policy Studies Institute, 1993

This comprehensive and wide-ranging study and its follow-up five years later (in order to update the evidence) conclude that the advantages of putting clocks forward by an additional hour in the UK in both summer and winter would far outweigh the disadvantages. The change would represent a rare instance of a means of vastly improving the quality of life of nearly everyone in the population, while costing no more than the majority of MPs voting in its support.

Summertime in the European Community European Commission, 1989

This European Community-wide study of the actual effects on the then 12 Member States was aimed at determining the advantages and disadvantages of maintaining a summertime clock each year. The issues examined covered industrial working practices, leisure activity, health considerations, air pollution, road and other outdoor casualties, energy consumption, and national policies and public attitudes. It too concluded that the benefits of the summertime clock regime in all Member States of the European Union far outweighed the disbenefits.