The climate crisis no government can afford to ignore

By Paul Richardson

A new Parliament assembles in Westminster after the election to confront many problems left by its predecessor. Top of the list of concerns for many government ministers and MPs will be the deficit. Mayer Hillman, Senior Fellow Emeritus of the Policy Studies Institute, a leading proponent of carbon rationing and the author of many books on environmental subjects including How We Can Save the Planet (Penguin), hopes that the new Parliament will turn its attention to what he considers to be a far greater threat to our future than anything else: the issue of climate change. But, as he confessed to me when I interviewed him in his North London home, he is not optimistic.

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TES interview with Mayer Hillman

Mayer Hillman is an eminent academic whose inspired number-crunching 40 years ago predicted today’s cotton-wool culture. This week, he was due to speak on the topic of school journeys at the Royal Geographical Society conference in London. Continue reading

An inconvenient man

Transcript of a conversation between Matthew Taylor, Chief Executive of the RSA, and Mayer Hillman

Matthew Taylor (MT)
I want to get on to this stuff about you and your peculiarity. I don’t mean that in a negative way but you are very different in the way you live your life and embody your principles. Let’s start with the environment. Do you feel more hopeful now given that the sorts of views which you held, and very few other people held, 20 years ago are now held much much much more widely. Continue reading

Interview with Peter Wiggins

Mayer Hillman holds legendary status among many in the environmental movement. George Monbiot’s new book Turn Up the Heat is dedicated to Hillman—‘the mirror in which we all see our own hypocrisy’. In theory Hillman has retired, but he continues to work all waking hours on the biggest problem mankind has ever had to face: climate change. Continue reading